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Elections and Voting

Voter Registration 

If you are a new resident to Concord, and are registered to vote anywhere in the State of Ohio, please contact the Board of Elections at the number listed below.  They will explain the steps you need to take so that you may vote in the next election.

  • Are you new to Concord Township and need to register to vote?

  • Do you need to know the voting precinct in which you reside?

  • Would you like information about absentee ballots?

  • Would you be interested in volunteering  your time during elections?

  • Need more information about the election process that is not mentioned above?


Contact the Lake County Board of Elections at:

 (440) 350-2700
or visit their Website: http://www.lakeelections.com/


Polling Locations as of November, 2015 Election

Please CLICK HERE to obtain a listing of polling locations as of November, 2015.